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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  December 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. here's a look outside..our temps are in the 30s this morningit'll be another gloomy day.we do have some reduced visibilities because of fog again this morning.a dense fog advisory is in effect through 6 am for northeast iowa. satellite and radar shows cloudy skies.our planner shows fog and clouds this morning, with partly to mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon. highs will warm into the 40s
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more charges could be filed against the woman womanauthorities say intentionally drove her car onto a busy las vegas sidewalk -- killing one person and injuring at least 35. investigators are not saying what caused 24-year-old lakeisha holloway to mow down pedestrians on sunday night -- but they did give more details on her background.she and her three-year-old daughter are originally from oregon and were living in her and were living in her car at the time. holloway is facing one count of murder and could be facing more charges -- like child abuse and neglect.her daughter was not hurt -- right now -- halloway is on suicide watch in jail.
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-- enrique marquez will stay in jail after a judge denied his bail. bail.his family tried to put up 100-grand in equity on their home for bail money. marquez was friends with san bernardino shooter syed farook -- and is facing charges for conspiring to provide material support to terrorists for plots in 20-11 and 20-12 that were abandoned.he's also accused of buying the two rifles farook and his wife used in the attack earlier this month that killed 14 people. overseas -- six american service members were killed in an i-e-d attack in the middle east on monday,and now at least one of the victims has been identified. identified. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live in the newsroom for more on this story.. kevin, the six service members were killed in a suicide attack near bagram airfield in afghanistan, and one victim was one of new york city's finest. joseph lemm was a 15-year veteran of the new york city
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span he also served in the u-s air national guard, and was deployed twice to afghanistan and one other time to iraq. detective lemm was killed when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle filled with explosive, drove into a group of coalition forces at the largest remaining u-s military base in the country. country.joseph lemm leaves behind a wife and two children. reporting in the newsroom, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is scheduled scheduledto be in military court today on charges of deserting his post -- and endangering fellow soldiers.he was caught and held captive by the taliban for almost five years and freed after the u-s released five taliban detainees in a prisoner swap last year.if bergdahl is convicted -- he could face life in prison. an upcoming g-o-p debate will happen just days before the iowa news channel released more details on its debate in des moines.
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the network announced bret baier -- megyn kelly and chris wallace will anchor the january 28-th event -- that's the same team that moderated the very first debate back in august.a record 24 million people tuned in then.criteria for participation will be announced later.the next republican debate is january 14-th in south january 14-th in south carolina. the field for that debate will feature at least one less candidate.lindsay graham dropped his bid for the white house. house.the south carolina senator never earned enough support to make it to the top tier of candidates -- even with a strong resume in foreign policy and national defense.after his announcement -- graham called on frontrunner donald trump to get serious and start talking about policies that will actually work. the republican party future may be in your hands. but, the future of the country will be in your hands if you're president of the united states. this is not a game show. this is not a reality show. the reason i know that
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to know what it costs to defend this nation." nation."later -- graham said that no matter who gets the nomination -- he will support the man or woman selected to represent the g-o-p in the race for the white house. another republican struggling in the polls came to eastern iowa monday. monday.former arkansas governor mike huckabee wrapped up his busy day in swisher talking to the iowa faith and freedom coalition.unlike fellow republican doctor ben carson -- who was critical of the chance that republicans have a brokered convention next summer -- huckabee says it's a good thing for the party. so for all the talk and even the hand-ringing, i think of like the fact that republicans are going to baskin-robins and democrats basically go in and they get one flavor and they better like it because that's all they got." got."huckabee says he isn't worried that the nominee could be determined behind closed doors because there is so much support from voters for candidates who challenge the establishment. on the democratic side -- hillary clinton is back in eastern iowa today. today.the former secretary of state is making good on a
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school.students used social media to get the candidate to bring her message to the keokuk county 2 news will have complete coverage of clinton's visit. bernie sanders is also campaigning in iowa.he will wrap a three-day swing through the state tomorrow. a follow up to an unfortunate story in northwest iowa. iowa.we know now spencer standout wrestler austin roberts died of natural causes. roberts collapsed during a wrestling match on saturday. his body is now being sent to the state medical examiner for more his teammates are grieving over the sudden death of a great friend. "i can't really describe the gap in my heart that i have. there's not a lot of guys that can make me laugh like he did. or push me the way he did. he'll always be my practice partner. he'll always be my workout buddy. and i know he'll be at every one of our meets cheering us on."
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to thank everyone who has supported them -- especially the people who donated to a go-fund-me-page -- raising more than 40-thousand dollars. that's 30 grand more than their original goal. the homeless community held a memorial walk to remember two people who were murdered in the streets of cedar rapids... rapids...sharon mead and raymond ursino were found dead in september -- just days apart.police say the two were homeless at the time -- both strangled.police say the same man killed both victims.the victim's friends say the violence is an indication of a bigger problem. "it's not just cr, it's everywhere. cr has a big problem with homelessness because it's so expensive, so expensive for a place to live." live.""you can't just put somebody in a shelter for 30 days and then kick them out, if you train them, give them job skills, they're going to succeed." succeed."the catherine mcauley center says they will have an overflow shelter program this winter -- so that when the temperatures get too cold -- homeless people will have a warm place to sleep. a new monument is being built to honor some of eastern iowa's own heroes. heroes.the purple heart memorial will be built in the front of the eastern iowa veterans park near kingston stadium.right now -- one-point-eight-million
5:08 am is just one way of honoring men and women who have made incredible sacrifices defending the united states. "these are men and women going back to 1782, that have earned the purple heart, and it's just such an honor to work on this with these guys and gals, and i'm excited for them. " "the monument will be officially dedicated on memorial day next year. for the first time in six months -- space-x has left the ground. ground.the company launched a falcon rocket last took 11 small satellites into space -- before safely returning to cape canaveral. this is the first mission for space-x since one of its unmanned rockets failed shortly after lift-off in june. since then -- the company has fixed the problem and hopes to resume regular supply runs for nasa in february. it's coming up next... next...the corridor location that's giving you a traditional way to celebrate
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here's a look outside..our temps are in the 30s this morningit'll be another gloomy day.we do have some reduced visibilities because of fog again this morning.a dense fog advisory is in effect through 6 am for northeast iowa. satellite and radar shows cloudy skies.on predictor, we'll see clouds with some sunshine this afternoon. overnight winds pick up, and our lows will be a bit warmer. there's a chance for a late shower overnight. tomorrow we'll wake up to cloudy skies and rain. it'll be a soggy wednesday with showers likely all day. wednesday night, some of the rain could turn to snow. on thursday, we'll dry out and see partly sunny skies. we could see around an inch of rain in some spots through wednesday night.our seven day forecast shows temperatures in the 40s with another system moving into eastern iowa friday night through the weekend. we could
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during december -- we're
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light displays and quaint villages that remind us all of christmas past. past.this morning -- cbs 2 news reporter matt hammill explores an area that's all about tradition - as we celebrate christmas in the corridor. corridor. " czech music 4 seconds "they are decking the grand halls in the village and in the czech and slovak museumthe majestic christmas tree soars to the ceiling covering in unique ornaments ornaments" it's like a magnet for people to coe to and we see people all christmas season long taking family pictures in front of it" the decorations of del mills - compliment a classic collection of toys from your child-hooda traditional slvak christmas tree with incredible intricately woven wheat hangings -and a wall of glittering - glass blown - hand painted ornaments from the czech republic.stefanie cone says it's a mix of
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world." there are ornaments that look like ginger break cakes because that's a very traditional way to decorate in the czech and slovak republics with fruit .. nuts .. cookies .. straw ornaments .. very home made and down to earth. " " buzzzzzzzzz "but the stars of the show can be found in window - wonder-land on 16th avenue.if they look familiar - you're probably north of forty. forty." these guys were in the christmas windows of killians department store. " santa and mrs claus and the elves made toys in killians window for decades - and by the time they came to the museum - they were feeling their age. age." you don't look up elf motor on the internet " engineer - elf - grant smith - and his crew - brought them back to life - made parts - borrowed parts - to create what he calls six million dollar man elves - that passers by - love. grant smith - czech and slovak museum - " look it's the guy sawing the board
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his list and so on .. it's just how they remember it and that's really how we want to keep it. " just part of a holiday feeling - unique to the czech village. village." it seems like christmas used to be when some of us were children or younger - it's not the same as the glitzy mall kind of christmas - it is more nostalgic feeling to me." celebrating christmas in the corridor - i'm matt hammill it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... break...the recognition one cedar rapids native is getting for his career best performances last weekend.
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... in cedar rapids -- construction crews at the new c-r-s-t center hoisted the final structural beam into
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million dollar office tower now officially tops out at eleven is expected to be finished by this summer. applications are now open for a new confidentiality program in iowa -- called safe at home -- helping survivors of domestic violence -- sexual abuse and human trafficking. iowa is joining 33 other states that already have similar programs keeping victims' addresses confidential.organizers say it's the best way to get victims out of abusive situations.a full launch of the program is set for january first. iowans are among some of the most generous people in the country.volunteering and civic life in america says more then 807-thousand iowans donated more then 70-million hours in 20-14.all that time ranked the state number the corridor -- the cedar rapids metro was ranked fifth among mid-size cities across the country.americans volunteered for nearly eight-billion hours
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since their season opening loss to waukee, the kennedy girls basketball team has being rolling -- the cougars haven't loss in nearly a month -- and in their final game before the holidya -- the team was beleiving kennedy hosting fairfield -- now if you look closely the cougars have christmas socks on -- and tony vis is doning a christmas tie carly langhurst with the miseltoe moonball -- she knocks the triple down -- kennedy jumped out to a 9 nothing leadand they were in the spirit of giving as well - - linden runels -- running the break -- we'll call it a pass -- layla sellers banks it home for two of her 13 points then later in the quarter -- sydney hayden dials long distance and connects -- she had a game high 18 kennedy crusies -- 77 to 34 the final. iowa state couldn't stop the flat top -- and the missouir valley took notice -- as wes wasphun was named the conference's player of the week for his career high 28 points and career high 11 assists in the panther win over the 5th ranked cyclones -- and not to be out done -- nicholas baer's 13 point, 7 rebound, and 6 block performance against drake -- earned the hawkeye forward -- the big 10's freshman of the week.marcus paige and north
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statethe marion native is known for his scoring -- but he can play d too - check out paige climbing the latter for the block -- but as he lands -- he injuries his ankle paige would leave the game for a while -- but he'd come back in and do this -- a quite night for the preseason all-american -- just 9 points in 17 minutes due to the ankle -- that the team is calling jammed -- carolina won by 24.sunday night david johnson made his third career start for the arizona cardinals and ran his team to a division title while running over the eagles defense on a career night for the former panther johnson rushed for a career high 187 yards -- on a career high 29 carries -- scoring a career high 3 touchdowns -- he also had 4 catches for 42 yards -- while breaking the cardinals rookie touchdown record -- not bad from a kid from clinton iowa who wasn't really recruited in high school. "it feels good, it definately
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complacent, always have to learn. i know i missed a couple holes and i know i had a couple mental errors so i have to continue to get better." better.""he's a very mature young guy and we don't even concider him a rookie anymore. a very talented young man and new that he was going to new that he was going to have a breakout game." sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system.
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and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually by taking their money.
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you can never be totally sure what you're going to see when you go to any sporting event -- sometimes it's more gruesome than others. others.but last night -- dennis shroder from the atlanta hawks started trending on twitter and facebook -- really for two different reasons. reasons.first -- while atlanta was playing portland --
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out -- you can see it bouncing on the basketball court as another player runs by. by.that would have probably been enough to get the video passed around the internet -- but then -- shroder finds the tooth and stuffs it in his sock -- for safe keeping.sock -- for safe keeping. good morning again -- it's now still to come... come...we haven't seen much snow in iowa -- but we'll tell you about some other parts of the country that are about to get burried -- and why iowa
5:23 am're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the parts of the country getting ready to see a lot of snow in a small amount of time.
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cedar rapids airport is making for one of the biggest games in hawkeye football history. the expert advice about staying true to your diet even when all the holiday treats are within reach. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. here's a look outside..our temps are in the 30s this morningit'll be another gloomy day.we do have some reduced visibilities because of fog again this morning.a dense fog advisory is in effect through
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satellite and radar shows cloudy skies.our planner shows fog and clouds this morning, with partly to mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon. highs will warm into the 40s
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today is the official first full day of winter -- which means it's also the shortest day of the year. year.the winter solstice technically began at 10-48 last night -- when the northern hemisphere is tilted farthest from the doesn't feel like winter in the midwest -- and much of the country has unusually warm temperatures for december. that's on the heels of the warmest fall on record. and on the first day of winter -- it's a tale of two coasts. don champion explains how out west -- many areas are getting slammed with heavy snow while the northeast is nearing record highs. highs. -nats-snow in the west... warmth in the of the country are experiencing weather extremes.(sot tremaine teeter/ visiting washington) "there's a lot of snow and we're stuck where we are right now." overnight, in washington state- heavy snow piled up in the mountains.while it set the mood for the holiday in some areas... in other places conditions were so hazardous- interstate 90 was shut down
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stranded driver) we're stuck but at least the girls are taking advantage of itfears of an avalanche also forced crews to suspend their search for monty busbee.the 43-year-old disappeared over the weekend while skiing.(sot alan labissoniere/ king county search and rescue) we're just taking everything really slow, checking conditions every 30 minutes, digging snow pits and making sure the snow is still stable for us to be out there in oregon ...heavy winds toppled trees onto homes...while relentless rain forced residents in parts of portland to evacuate once again.(standup: don champion/ cbs news/ new york, ny) just three days before christmas...winter is feeling more like fall in the northeast. here in new york city, temperatures continue to soar.(sot eric fisher/ meteorologist ) on wednesday some of the warmth here in the great lakes, the ohio valley, this is where we expect the highest concentration of record highs. we head into christmas eve - northeast down to the midatlantic boston near 70 new york city near 70 degrees, 70's down into washington dcsome cities are on pace for their warmest december ever.don champion cbs news new york.
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are expected to be hit with thunderstorms and flooding this week. many people are getting ready to hit the road this week and state officials are asking you to slow down. down.the department of transportation's monday message this week was: only reindeer can fly, watch your speed.that might be a cute reminder -- but the iowa state patrol says traffic can double or even triple this time of year.they ask you to be safe and responsible drivers so you can make it to your family and back home safely. "when you are out there and everything is going great and you've had the best day of your life, it can change in a fraction of a second if you're not paying attention, if you're not prepared." prepared."there have been more than 300 traffic deaths this year.the d-o-t says -- so far -- the numbers are a bit lower than last year and they are doing everything they can to improve safety. the road to the rose bowl starts very soon for many hawkeyes.the eastern iowa airport is scheduled to have thirteen charter planes take off to sunny pasadena on tuesday. tuesday.airport officials say they'll have more staff around
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in and security checkpoints. charter passengers will have two t-s-a lines open for use. when passengers walk through the doors next week -- they'll be welcomed by an iowa hawkeye football field display. "our restaurant and our bar area - we'll have additional offerings" "we also have some trivia games and contests going in the gate areas just to get the festive atmosphere kicked off." off."there will also be another charter plane leaving next wednesday.the hawkeyes play stanford on new years day at 4. cbs 2 news will have complete coverage of the grandaddy of them sure to tune in all next week for special reports from zach hanley and me -- we'll both be in pasadena.and don't miss our 30-minute special on new year's eve at 6:30 right here on cbs 2, and on new years day at 7:30 a-m on our sister station fox 28. turning now to waterloo -- where cbs 2 news is learning new details.. details..about a weekend stabbing.authorities found the
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scarborough on riehl street on sunday afternoon. afternoon.officers caught up with the suspect -- rachel berger -- a few hours later. they believe a fight led to the stabbing.berger faces several charges and is being held in the black hawk county jail. the new trial for baltimore police officer officerwilliam porter is now scheduled to start june 13-th. th.porter is one of six officers facing charges in freddie gray's death.his first trial ended with a hung jury and mistrial last week.a court spokeswoman says the new date has to be approved at a hearing later today.freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while riding in a police van after his arrest in april.the next officer to head to trial is caesar goodson on january 6-th. the mall of america is now caught in a legal battle with a black lives matter group in the twin cities. cities.the group is planning a protest in the mall tomorrow during one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year.the rally would be in response to jamar clark's death last month by a minneapolis police
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attorneys say the mall is private property and want a restraining order barring the group from protesting there. "this was widely publicized, that an unlawful demonstration should occur on wednesday. all we are asking is for the same means to be used to say, 'hey this is against the law' and we are calling it off." off."black lives matter says that ban would infringe on their first amendment rights.a judge is expected to make a decision as early as this morning. after a 32-year ban -- gay men in the united states can now donate blood.that ban first went into effect at the height of the aids scare in the early 80's. 80's.after years of debate -- the food and drug administration formally lifted that ban -- but with men still cannot give blood if they've had sexual contact with another man in the past 12 months.despite making the change -- it could take months for blood banks to update their policies and procedures.
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but that's not an excuse to veer off your diet. diet.with a little thought and preparation, you can eat the treats you want without breaking your healthy habits. health experts say it's all about balance.dieticians say one way to eat better during the holidays is to prepare lighter meals in between the family gatherings. "you want to focus on foods that are naturally low in fat and high in fiber like vegetables, whole grains and beans." beans."another tip to cut down on calories...refill your glass with water in between cocktails. it's coming up next... next...the latest information about one of the most dangerous times to hit the road.
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here's a look outside..our temps are in the 30s this morningit'll be another gloomy day.we do have some reduced visibilities because of fog again this morning.a dense fog advisory is in effect through 6 am for northeast iowa. satellite and radar shows cloudy skies.on predictor, we'll see clouds with some sunshine this afternoon. overnight winds pick up, and our lows will be a bit warmer. there's a chance for a late shower overnight. tomorrow we'll wake up to cloudy skies and rain. it'll be a soggy wednesday with showers likely all day. wednesday night, some of the rain could turn to snow. on thursday, we'll dry out and see partly sunny skies. we could see around an inch of rain in some spots through wednesday night.our seven day forecast shows temperatures in the 40s with another system moving into eastern iowa friday night through the weekend. we could
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new research from boston's brigham and women's hospital shows the dangers of those who drive after working a night shift. shift.anna werner reports. reports. (test video)this man just came off a night shifta&watch the video on the left as he veers all over the road... nearly half the night-shift workers tested nearly crashed. dr. charles czeisler (size-ler)
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(0601) i was shocked that nearly 40 percent of the drives had to have emergency braking maneuvers in order to keep the car from going off the road.(or)(0245) they were crossing over the middle line, they were having trouble// (cut to 0610) more than 40 percent of the drives had to be terminated because it was judged to be unsafe. more than half the workers tested said they nodded off behind the wheel at least once a week on their way home. and they did no better in the tests.(czeisler) (0542) they knew they were being watched and yet even in that context, they couldn't stay awake while they were driving in a simulation of their commute home from work. dallas-area convenience store manager shariq khan starts work at 11 p-m and works through the night.(4041 khan) sometimes when i get off from job, when i drive back home i feel like i'm falling asleep. he believes the lack of sleep led to him having a couple minor accidents.the researchers suggest night shift workers like khan skip driving and find another way home. but his area lacks public transportation. (4242 khan) there's no alternative,(
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can't, ) there's no bus or train service up there and i can't afford a taxi every day. researchers say the very nature of night-shift work fights the body's natural sleep rhythmsa&.and the average night-shift worker loses about 2 hours of sleep per night - after a few days, they have lost the equivalent of a full night's sleep. aw
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...after the break... one of uber's ride- sharing uber's ride-sharing competitors is giving it a run
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______
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bad news for burrito chain chipotle -- the c-d-c is now investigating five new cases of e-coli linked to their restaurants. restaurants.53 illnesses in nine states have been reported since october.but officials say the new cases are a different -- rare type of e- coli.and it's still not clear if the five new cases are related to the original outbreak.the c-d-c says those five people ate at chipotle locations in oklahoma and kansas.chipotle said it has revamped its food safety practices and it's now implementing new programs. a new menu item is putting the "mac" in mcdonalds. mcdonalds.the fast food chain is testing macaroni and cheese
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now -- its only available in cleveland, ohio.the mac and cheese would be a side option for kids who don't want french fries.but -- customers can also get it outside of happy meals for a dollar-75. the ride-hailing company lyft is trying to get a financial shot in the arm. arm.the firm has authorized a new round of financing -- trying to get a billion dollars in new funding.some experts say *that* would bring lyft's market value to almost five-billion-dollars.lyft allows you to catch a ride using an app -- similar to its competitor uber.lyft is linking up with three similar companies next year.that would make the service available to about half of the world's population. if you own a drone -- you can now register it with the federal aviation administration. all drones bought before this week must be registered within 60 days.if you just bought one monday -- or plan to buy one soon -- it must be registered *before its first costs five dollars to register -- but it's free in the next thirty days.registration is good for three years and the five-dollar fee allows you to
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hosting an olympics is one of the most prestigous international projects that a country and city can take on -- but it can often turn into a logistical nightmare to make sure everything is ready in time. time.japan is hosting the 2020 olympics in tokyo -- and with just about four years until the games start -- they had to go back to the drawing board for their main stadium. stadium.the original design would have cost more than two-billion dollars to build -- and would have been the most expensive stadium ever. ever.the new pick costs nearly half that -- is more traditional -- and is even designed by a japanese architect. architect.japanese designed by a and is even designed by a
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it's just ahead... ahead...the latest sport where players are starting to take action about some of the
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders.
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building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories --
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university of iowa students living *on-campus will need to leave one item home when they come back from winter break next year.the housing and dining department is banning *hoverboards from being kept -- or used -- in university residence halls -- apartments or dining's all because of concerns about fires that have been caused from the devices' batteries. mediacom is threatening legal action against iowa city. yesterday -- mediacom gave the city a letter of complaint and a copy of a federal lawsuit it plans to serve unless iowa city reconsiders recent agreements with i-mon.mediacom says those agreements put it at a competitive disadvantage. disadvantage.the company has given the city until december 31st to respond to its concerns.iowa city's legal department is reviewing the issue. more professional hockey players are suing the n-h-l over concussions -- saying the league hasn't done enough to protect them.molly shen talked to parents questioning how safe the sport really is. is. (nice pass)when jamie huscroft
5:47 am
he's coaching, encouraging and enforcing a no hitting rule. ("i'm behind ya, i'm behind ya..") ya..") (announcer from nhl game)it's a far cry from his time in the nhl, where he was known as a bruising 10 seasons, he suffered multiple concussions.("i ultimately had to retire 15 years ago because of concussions and what it was doing to me on and off the ice. at that point in my career, i just said enough.") enough.")huscroft is one of about 140 former players in a class action lawsuit against the nhl, claiming the league didn't do enough to protect them from brain injuries and head's the type of news that makes parents question the safety of starting their kids in a physical sport.dr. renee low treats kids with concussions - and says times have changed. ("people used to say, oh you got a ding or you got your bell rung. people would be knocked unconscious and continue playing in the game after being given smelling
5:48 am
allow kids to do nowadays. we're much more cautious with kids.")that caution includes the state law requiring players to leave the game if a concussion is suspected - and be cleared by a doctor before returning to play.dr. low says with the right precautions, kids benefit from team sports. and huscroft - who left the pros because of injuries - encourages kids to join the game.("i do know hockey and i would not be afraid at all. it's safe.") huscroft says he doesn't want a cent from the players lawsuit - but he hopes it results in a payout for players who are ill and need support. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now coming up next... next...the judge's response when they man accused of helping the san bernardino shooters tried to get bail.'re watching c-b-s 2
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dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yourself. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest information this morning to the constantly developing story about a woman who ran down more than 30 pedestrians in las vegas. the special memorial walk this holiday season to remember two people murdered in cedar rapids this year. the big step forward that private space flight took yesterday.
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